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Apex of Creation

by captainmeta4
28 September 2018 at 19:31:48 | [E]

When James Exosia is brought back from the brink of death by an angel, he discovers that he’s returned with a spark of divinity. Upon his introduction to angels and demons, James is shocked to learn that he’s now considered a “Hybrid” - a rare combination of human blood and angelic power.

But not everyone is thrilled about this development. The forces of Heaven and Hell - perpetually at war with each other - both want to make use of James’s unique skills. As James is unwillingly dragged into transcendental politics and supernatural warfare, he must balance his own goals and ambitions with the responsibilities and duties that come with his new power. For in the entire universe, there is nothing - save God Himself - that is more dangerous than a Hybrid.

Release: I try to release Sundays. Sometimes my idea of Sunday ends up being very flexible.

  1. Chapter I
  2. Chapter II
  3. Chapter III
  4. Chapter IV
  5. Chapter V
  6. Chapter VI
  7. Chapter VII
  8. Chapter VIII
  9. Chapter IX
  10. Chapter X
  11. Chapter XI
  12. Chapter XII
  13. Chapter XIII
  14. Chapter XIV
  15. Chapter XV
  16. Chapter XVI
  17. Chapter XVII
  18. Chapter XVIII
  19. [M] Chapter XIX
  20. Chapter XX
  21. Chapter XXI
  22. Chapter XXII
  23. Chapter XXIII
  24. Chapter XXIV
  25. Chapter XXV
  26. Chapter XXVI
  27. Chapter XXVII
  28. [M] Chapter XXVIII
  29. Chapter XXIX
  30. Chapter XXX
  31. Chapter XXXI
  32. Chapter XXXII
  33. Chapter XXXIII