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Patreon Integration

by captainmeta4 | Patreon
04 October 2018 at 12:40:00 | [A] | [E]

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Patreon integration is here!

To get started, visit your settings and click the link to connect your patreon account.

Once you've done that, a link to your Patreon profile will be displayed on your user page and story pages. A new setting will appear in Settings with instructions for connecting a webhook.

Once the webhook is set up and saved, you will have the option to mark your content as Patron-Only. Simply enter the support threshold (in cents) on a story creation or edit page. A [$] will appear on the story, and Captain's Logbook will prompt non-patrons to make a pledge if they try to access the story.

Big thanks to ShadowMorph for helping debug features.

Edit: 13 October 2018

I will be changing the integration method to use Patreon's APIv2. This will make it easier to connect Patreon to Captain's Logbook.

Edit: 16 October 2018

Captain's Logbook now requests live pledge data from Patreon when attempting to access Patron-only content. No more webhooks shenanigans.